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What Is Influencer Marketing (and Why Does It Matter)?

Social media has also spawned all kinds of new marketing tools. Among them are influencers, people who’ve turned their knowledge of a topic, as well as their personalities, into a business.

Why CRM Automation Is Critical to Growing Sales Revenue

Businesses that use CRM automation have a distinct advantage over their competition.

Canadian Apartment Properties REIT Annual Report

CHALLENGE An annual report is a company’s yearly report to shareholders, documenting its activities and finances in the previous financial year. But it is also a key medium to share the company’s mission and values to its audiences.  We needed to demonstrate how the team at Canadian Apartment Properties REIT came together as a unified group… Continue reading Canadian Apartment Properties REIT Annual Report

What Is Growth Marketing?

Keeping up with marketing jargon can feel like a full-time job as tools and techniques get re-nicknamed seemingly all the time. As a case in point, in this blog we’re going to be talking about growth marketing — but you might be more familiar with this concept being referred to as “growth hacking” or something… Continue reading What Is Growth Marketing?

How Omnichannel Marketing Automation is Changing the Industry

An omnichannel marketing automation strategy is a major part of the future of online business. Omnichannel marketing ensures that all of your digital and in-store efforts provide the same level of user experience and adhere to your brand guidelines. With an omni-channel strategy, customers enjoys a seamless shopping experience across modes: From a computer or… Continue reading How Omnichannel Marketing Automation is Changing the Industry

Why Improving Your Local SEO Matters

It’s no secret that SEO is important to ensure your business gains traction with customers via organic traffic. What is less well understood is that there are multiple types of SEO, and each of them are vital to help your brand reach the customers who are looking for your specific products and services. In other… Continue reading Why Improving Your Local SEO Matters

Guide to Competitor Analysis in 2021

The best way to build a marketing strategy that stands out from the competition is to understand what your competitors are doing. Conducting a competitor analysis gives you and your clients the insight needed to develop digital marketing that delivers results. As an agency, you want to help your clients set themselves apart. It’s easy… Continue reading Guide to Competitor Analysis in 2021

Chatbots Improve User Experience on Your Website

As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes more accessible for small businesses, many are turning to chatbots to improve user experience and automate communication with prospects. Google has roughly 1 billion voice-enabled devices in the market currently. That means one in seven people worldwide has likely interacted with a bot, whether they realize it or not. For… Continue reading Chatbots Improve User Experience on Your Website

The Leadership in Business Podcast

David Zbar, President at My Left Foot speaks with Todd Westra about Business Leadership. This is an excerpt from a LinkedIn post.

Understanding Cross-Channel Marketing Strategy

While most strong marketing strategies should include more than one channel, there’s a key differentiator that sets cross-channel marketing apart — the interaction between channels.   For instance, you might capture contact information on your website, which then feeds into your email marketing strategy. Your users might initially get to your website through a link… Continue reading Understanding Cross-Channel Marketing Strategy