Garbage In, Garbage Out. The AI Accuracy Dilemma

AI is taking over the world one step at a time. As AI systems become more prevalent, their processes continue to revolve around one important aspect – content. They analyze, they interpret, and they learn, all from the massive data streams flooding the internet, making content the lifeblood of artificial intelligence.


However, the AI systems are only as reliable as their data sources, and this is where the importance of updated, accurate content on your website comes into play.


The world stands witness to an unfortunate example of outdated and misleading information causing havoc. The World Health Organization (WHO) failed to update its web content about COVID-19 being airborne, resulting in confusion and misinformation two years after the official acknowledgment of their mistake! This is just one of many instances that emphasize the importance of keeping the content up-to-date on your website. Read more about this on Gerry McGovern’s blog –


AI, in simple terms, operates on a ‘garbage in, garbage out’ model. If the material ingested by these systems is obsolete, irrelevant, or incorrect, the output generated will mirror these inaccuracies. As such, the quality, relevancy, and timeliness of the content available online are critical in an age where AI is becoming increasingly dependent on content.


Outdated web content has serious implications for AI, given that its primary source of data is the Web—a vast, ever-expanding hub of content ranging from enlightening to misleading. If our information repositories are not diligently updated and monitored, AI could potentially become a medium for propagating harmful, misleading, or inaccurate information.


Moreover, the lack of updated information ultimately affects users. People who visit your website expect to find trustworthy, timely information. When the content on your website is obsolete or erroneous, it does a great disservice to your audience, hampers your credibility, and can have serious implications depending on the nature of the misinformation.


As the digital landscape evolves, the importance of content management has never been greater. It’s high time organizations realized the significant role website content plays and the need to routinely update it, especially when AI relies heavily on it. This is not merely about maintaining a professional image or improving SEO – it’s about ensuring accurate data drives our increasingly AI-dependent world.


In this era of rapid technological advancement, quality content isn’t a luxury—it’s a necessity. So let’s commit to skip the junkyard appeal, and instead, focus on creating and maintaining a database that AI can rely upon, creating a better and reliable digital ecosystem for all of us.


Don’t wait until it’s too late to realize the value of accurate and updated content on your website. Contact My Left Foot today to ensure your website’s integrity isn’t compromised in this AI-driven world.


Our team of content and AI experts can help you audit, update, and maintain a robust content strategy that not only boosts your SEO but also ensures your digital presence is trustworthy and reliable.


Let’s work together to create a safer, more accurate digital ecosystem. Reach out now to make your content count!

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