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New thinking, new approaches, new technologies. It’s how we connect with a new generation of buyers and renters in the real estate space. And that might be exactly what you need.

Why us?

Part of our expertise lies in understanding consumer behaviour at a fundamental level – how human beings behave, purchase, think and feel within any category.

Renters and buyers have changed:

We know how brand and marketing communication can influence consumers. We know how brands can connect with people because, at a subconscious level, people want to be connected.

We know people change.

Young urban professionals, for example, don’t have the same goals as the generation that preceded them. They’re on their own time and their own path. We won’t even look at media until we have a full understanding of the human dynamics within a category. Only then do we look for the right a solution to match the target behaviour.

It’s divergent points of view that separate us.

and you’ll find them all under one roof – design, digital, website development, advertising, social and digital media. We integrate all our tactics to amplify the message in the most efficient and effective way.

Want that huge impact?

We blend persona research, user experience, amplified content and hyper-targeted digital media to create conversations, build awareness, maximize lead generation and generate conversion opportunities.

We’re small enough to focus our thinking.

We’re big enough to execute efficiently. We quite literally gather around one boardroom table and cross-pollinate together from inception to execution – it’s how we create communication that’s relevant, and breakthrough, and emotional.


Planning & Strategy

Our team begins the strategic planning process with the client’s business plan well before we look at the marketing plan. Having developed many business plans during our careers, our team can recognize situations where business objectives and marketing objectives are misaligned. We know the best marketing plans come from solid business plans.


For My Left Foot, there’s no such thing as advertising without insight. It sounds self-evident, but understanding what moves people is the only way to get them to move. It’s the only way to motivate a visit, a call or a click. And there is no shortcut. You need to dig deep to uncover truths that aren’t self-evident and yet universally present. It’s the only way to make a brand that’s got a shot at hanging together and making an impact.


Website design and development, e-mail and social media – My Left Foot does it all under one roof. Truthfully, it would be very difficult to have it any other way. Digital is an integral part of everything we do. And while it’s a different medium, it connects to everything else. Ethnographic and persona research, usability testing, and content strategy development all lie at the core of My Left Foot’s digital expertise. We develop websites ranging from simple brochureware sites to complex 200-page sites with e-commerce and client CMS capability. From a technology standpoint, our team builds technical solutions based on client requirements which can vary from Open-source solutions like WordPress to closed source solutions such as Microsoft .NET.

Real Estate Technology

My Left Foot has had the opportunity to work with some of the major players in this category. We have worked on initiatives together with Yuhu for tenant portals and online leasing. We have also had conversations with Yardi about their Rent Café website design templates and marketing platform. We’ve worked with ILS feed providers to enhance listings, and we’ve worked in partnership with SAP on leasing management integrations.

Performance Marketing

SharpSpring is a marketing automation platform recently acquired by Constant Contact. SharpSpring is a sales and marketing management platform with powerful automation capabilities to reach and speak to each of your customers. Its suite of tools empowers sales and marketing professionals to drive more leads, convert more leads to sales, and optimize their return on investment. As Canada’s only certified Platinum partner we believe without this tool, you are simply shouting at your audience, missing out on key personalization and conversion opportunities.

Search Engine Optimization

My Left Foot specializes in working with companies to help them position their websites at the most critical points in the buying process while also optimizing search for visitors, consumers and search engines. Google’s search algorithm is constantly evolving; what does Google covet as the most important factor relating to organic rankings? Content! Sites that leverage fresh, engaging content with expertly placed, on-page SEO and keywords can ensure that they ranks at the top of organic search engine results. Our experience will help your project rank higher.

Social Media

Social media is now a key component of most marketing plans. For My Left Foot, it’s less of a destination and more of a hyper-conduit for conversations. If you have the right story, your audience will make sure your message spreads like wildfire. We ensure your social media needs are covered through strategic development, best practice guidelines, corporate governance and social media monitoring.

Direct Marketing

Direct Marketing isn’t a one-time initiative. It’s a discipline that can generate strong results if you’re diligent about the process over the long haul. Our smart, highly competent team has a deep understanding of direct marketing disciplines – competencies that are directly linked to delivering meaningful content and measurable returns on client investment.

Pay Per Click

PPC affords us the ability to test variables and see actionable results quickly. We use PPC campaigns to determine whether a particular keyword is going to drive organic conversions, thus guiding content creation. We’ve learned that, in order to excel at PPC, we must know your business as well as you do, including who your customers are, why they buy from you, and what motivates them.

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Our Thoughts

We believe in the power of ideas and creativity. Find the latest digital marketing, creative design thinking and marketing automation strategies here.

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