America’s Favorite Office Caterer



Corporate Caterers is a catering food service company with over 30 locations across the United States. The company has a well-defined niche in that it only caters breakfast and lunch to businesses.


The existing Corporate Caterers website was outdated in both appearance and functionality, making it imperative to revamp the site to maintain its competitive edge. The challenge was to not only refresh the website’s look and feel but also to rearchitect the user experience to facilitate increased lead generation.


Our research showed that when people come together over food, meetings are more production. People are more receptive to ideas and personal interactions increase. With that context, we channeled the idea of “breaking bread” together over a shared meal and business objectives.


We brought the concept of “breaking bread” to life through a redesigned website. To meet this challenge head-on, we adopted a creative approach that incorporated a modern, light, and contemporary design and content strategy. The content strategy centered on the concept of uniting people through shared meals to enhance business outcomes. The use of compelling headlines and engaging call-outs aimed to emphasize the idea of “breaking bread” together. Visual elements such as videos and original photography were utilized to reinforce this message. The solution involved several key strategies and features to revitalize the Corporate Caterers website:


Since its launch on March 17, 2023, the revamped website has not only met but exceeded key performance indicators set to increase customer conversion and generate more online orders and sales. The results include: