Showcasing growth and performance over 25 years


Canadian Apartment Properties REIT (CAPREIT) is a prominent real estate investment trust in Canada and the Netherlands, managing a vast portfolio of over 67,000 residential rental apartment and townhouse suites, as well as manufactured home community sites.

Since 2019, My Left Foot has designed and developed CAPREIT’s annual reports and sustainability documents, which continues to offer the company an excellent opportunity to communicate its performance and sustainability efforts and leadership to investors, employees and key stakeholders.


For the 2022 report, My Left Foot faced the unique challenge of showcasing how the CAPREIT team had achieved growth and performance over 25 years, delivering strong returns for unitholders, all within the context of Canada’s housing supply and affordability crisis. Visually, the challenge was to reinforce CAPREIT’s enduring commitment to providing high-quality, safe, and attractive homes.

The success of the ESG report hinged on defining the approval process upfront to ensure input and approval from the Board of Directors, which was crucial to the project’s success.


My Left Foot’s strategy for the 25th-anniversary design breathed life into the CAPREIT brand. We utilized original photography to convey elements of growth, stability, and teamwork, emphasizing key ESG initiatives within three categories that aligned directly with CAPREIT’s strategic business pillars: “The Best Place to Live, Work, and Invest.” This approach reinforced the organizational strategy while highlighting a 25-year track record of growth and strong performance. The design featured bold aesthetics and original photography to captivate the audience.


The feedback received for the reports was overwhelmingly positive, primarily from two key audiences: investors and employees. Investors praised the Annual Reports, describing them as “fresh,” “bold,” and “contemporary.” This positive response validated the success of the project, prompting plans for the 2023 reports.