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The Trustees of the WSIB Employees’ Pension Plan Fund made a bold decision by changing to a Jointly Sponsored Pension Plan (JSPP) to improve the long-term sustainability of the plan and better serve its members. The organization required a new website that delivered an exceptional user experience and communicated their commitment to securing the financial future of their members.



WISE Trust assumed administration of the WSIB Employees’ Pension Plan and we needed to bring a new brand to life along with a new website by connecting with members, creating awareness of the plan, while ensuring that that members understood that while the name of the plan had changed, their financial future was in good hands.



We designed and developed the new WISE Trust website (wisetrust.ca)so content was easy to find and supported member needs. We used lifestyle imagery and original iconography to give us complete control over the look and feel, member scenarios and tone of voice. Through consistent use, it allowed us to further strengthen the brand’s identity and visually differentiate it from competitors in the category with a modern and contemporary feel. To further engage members, we provided financial planning tools like pension calculators and retirement tips. We broke down complex financial information in a section called Pension 101 to give members a sense of security and confidence in their plan.



Since this website was brand new, our metrics literally started at zero.  We have seen positive growth since the launch:

  • First two days over 2,500 members visited the site to learn about their pension and access the pension calculators
  • Last 30 days our return visitors have increased by 7.2% week over week, and average session duration has increased by 3% indicating members are returning to stay up to date and learn more about their pension

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