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Canaccede Financial Group is a leading full-service partner and provider of purchasing and servicing debt solutions for financial institutions managing receivables in Canada. The company manages over 4 billion in receivables across more than 600,000 Canadian accounts and wanted to evolve its brand presence in the marketplace. They engaged My Left Foot to create a new brand identity. What made this is a challenging brand identity exercise is that today, CFG is known primarily for debt buying services. They needed to change this perception to be recognized and valued, as a trusted advisor that provides insight, guidance, leadership, and a full-service suite of debt related solutions. They also had several product lines that needed to connect to the master brand.


To enable this, we recognized the need to have a clearly articulated brand story to ensure that the service propositions and business lines were understood by their audiences. The design strategy for CFG included a new branded house structure based on a monolithic architecture. In this scenario, the brand architecture prominently features one master brand with its services or business units following as illustrated below.

We developed a new marque, font, imagery, and colour palette. We also provided direction on how to showcase the brand across all CFG communications assets.

Brand Architecture

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