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Would you rather shout at a demographic or talk to each customer? We are a Platinum Certified marketing automation re-seller of Constant Contact Lead Gen & CRM, formally known as SharpSpring. Learn how our marketing automation platform can help personalize your customer’s journey.


Unleashing ChatGPT: Your New Sidekick for Tackling Business Data!

In a world where data calls the shots, we’re all on the hunt for innovative ways to crack open those treasure troves of insights hidden in our piles of business data. No surprise – ChatGPT is on the scene.

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My Left Foot’s Approach to Real Estate Marketing

The traditional approach to marketing in the Canadian real estate sector had, for years, been a derivative of the same formula. It used to be …

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My Left Foot wins at the 9th Web Excellence Awards Competition

This award is a great example of our long-standing partnership with Corporate Caterers. Over the past five years we have collaborated closely with the team to build the brand, increase lead generation and promote new store openings.

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