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Why a clean list is critical to your email marketing success

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

When asked, marketing agencies stated that list quality is of the utmost importance to surpassing their email marketing goals. So much so, 73% of agencies reported that it’s their most important goal. In fact, list quality is vital to achieving nearly all of the other goals agencies listed as important.

A clean list naturally leads to increased conversions, because users that want to receive your emails are more likely to engage and convert. Marketers know that email lists are the key to future sales and that developing and maintaining high-quality lists is imperative to success. Email marketing evolved very quickly, and as a result, spam filters often became overly aggressive in response. Over time, agencies have adapted and responded, and as a result, are reporting that both list quality and list size are increasing.

This helpful guide will assist you in overcoming any barriers blocking your success when it comes to your email list strategies. Download it here

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