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My Left Foot is an exciting new (un) agency that is both left brain and right brain. What that means is we use data and analytics on the left, to inform strategic thinking, and insight on the right to generate big ideas.


We adapted our digital chops – anchored deep in human learning principles and honed over many years – to accommodate for an omni-channel sales approach. What makes us better is that at our core, we truly understand the customer journey and the path to purchase.  For us, it’s all about disruptive thinking. We find insights, conform them to strategies to engage our audiences.

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Our approach to effective advertising starts with truly understanding the business challenge. We want to know everything about your business, and everything you’ve done to make it grow. We dig into your data, analyze your sales channels and audit your marketing activity as we apply our knowledge of the customer journey. This creates new opportunities to amplify your message, find and engage new audiences, and drive conversion opportunities.


It’s the left brain, right brain thing and it works. 

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Marketing Automation | 

Would you rather shout at a demographic or talk to each customer? We are a SharpSpring Gold Certified marketing automation re-seller.


Learn how our marketing automation platform can help personalize your customer's journey.

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